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Why ComputerLand Reno...
6 Brief statements describing why ComputerLand is your best choice as a reseller / solution provider.

Northern Nevada Success Story
Owned and operated in Carson City / Reno since 1984, making local decisions which affect local business, accessing inventory at various locations, to provide timely delivery.

Comprehensive Selection of Products
Systems and components from industry leading manufacturers which specifically address the functional and architectural requirements of the industry.

The Right Partners
Long -standing strategic relationships with key Tier One manufacturers such as IBM, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard, as well as our Microsoft Educational, and Solution Provider relationships, continue to strengthen our position in a very dynamic industry, by offering stable certified solutions.

Price Advantage
In addition to being able to leverage the purchasing power of ComputerLand's National Group, to ensure best pricing positions, we commit to Business Integrity, in providing our clients with fair pricing for services rendered. Through administrative efficiencies, we will reduce your cost of doing business - bottom-line thinking.

Superior Internal Systems
Driving efficiency, managing large order volumes, addressing the information needs of our staff and our customers. Systems that work, information you can understand, and people that care about the process.
Automatic, proactive order and backorder management
customized ad-hoc reporting available
WWW Internet presence and Global Email capability
We are a Services Company
we do not simply sell computers. The integration of marketing, technical, consultative, and administrative support services , will be professional, seamless, and timely.
ComputerLand Reno…
"Finding out what customers Value and providing it, with Integrity, better than anyone else!’
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